PSU Awards

Public Sector Undertakings constitute an important segment of the Indian economy with a significant contribution in the national economy. In an attempt to recognize exemplary work done by PSUs in the various domains of public governance, Elets Technomedia Pvt. Ltd. announces PSU Awards.

Here are the award categories:


1. Health

2. Education

3. Agricultural


1. Green Initiative

2. Environmental Initiative


1. Financial Inclusion

2. Physical consolidation

3. Financial Management
      a. Cost cutting

      b. ICT in financial management

      c. Best debt repayment


1. Web Portal

2. Innovative Use of ICT

3. Internal Management: ICT in HR & Payroll


1.Government to Government (G2G) Project

2. Government to Business (G2B) Project


1. Modernisation Initiative in PSUs

2. Power

     a. Manufacturing

     b. Distribution

     c. Equipments

3. Mining

4. e-Commerce

5. E-Procurement

6. ERP Implementation

7. IT Security implementation

8. Most efficient use of ICT for Consumer connect


1. Transport solution

2. Latest Technologies

3. Equipments

4. Optimised usage of Fuel

5. User Friendly Solutions


1. Highest Turnaround

2. Highest Number of employees

3. All Round Performer

4. Team work

5. Investor Friendly